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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Answering The Call For a True "Christian Nation"

So, you say you want the United States to be a "Christian Nation", and that our laws should be based on "Christian Values".  Okay then, let's do that.  Now remember, I am outspokenly and unapologetically an Atheist, but I am totally on-board with having a truly "Christian Nation."  Unfortunately, I do not think it would any thing like what you are envisioning.

A truly "Christian Nation" would provide not only free healthcare to all of its citizens, but it would also ensure that every man, woman, and child in this entire world has a roof over their heads, good food to eat, clean water to drink, a healthy environment, the power to manage their own lives, and free access to the best education and information currently available.  And it sure wouldn't be running around the world bombing or shooting people, ever.  Yeah, I didn't think those of you crying for a "Christian Nation" had any of that in mind, did you?

How about we start by creating our laws based on "Christian Values" instead then?  Would that work better for you?  Why don't we start with the best of the best, the "7 deadly sins", how does that sound?  Sounds like a fantastic place to start to me!  So, now all forms of Greed, Gluttony, Lust, Envy, Pride, Wrath, and Sloth are illegal.  All you rich people, turn over everything you own to the government, you are greedy and gluttonous, and this will no longer be tolerated.  All you advertising and media people, yeah, sorry you are out of work.  Since your job is to create envy, lust and pride, and we can't have any of that any more, their is no need for your services.  The whole system of capitalism is completely the opposite of True Christian Values, so that's got to go too.  Oh, by the way, don't try getting mad about these changes, that would be classified under wrath, and that's not allowed either.

Its funny, this "Christian Nation" idea is sounding better, and better to me, but somehow I don't think those of you who were originally calling for it, are seeing it the same way.  You do not really want a "Christian Nation" at all, what you really want is the "white patriarchal plutocracy", the same one that the rest of us have been trying to evolve out of for the past 150 years.                               
If you remove all the repressive and oppressive patriarchal nonsense in the Bible, there is a lot of good to be found between its pages.  But when people want to use it to justify their own insecurities and inadequacies, well, that's when you and I are gonna have a problem.  Mind your own darned business and we could all get along just fine.  You all have taken the whole thing about being your "Brother's Keeper" a little too far while completely forgetting the whole "Love thy neighbor" and "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" stuff.  Try turning all that around and we could all have a much happier world to live in.

There is not one single word about "Gay Marriage" in the Bible.  I have read it, and I can assure you it is not there.  There are a LOT of heinously oppressive passages about women being the property of men, and how it is fine for men to own other people as slaves. (I am betting that those were the parts that the people calling for a "Christian Nation" were counting on.)  And for those that would try to use some vague reference in a little followed book of the Old Testament as their basis for believing "Homosexuality is a sin", try reading, and following, the rest of that particular book of the Bible before you open your big mouths passing judgement on things that are really none of your business.  Okay?  The Bible does NOT say Homosexuality is a sin!  Not one time.  It does say that bearing false witness is a sin, its Commandment #9 for those who are keeping a score card.  That's one strike against You.  The Bible also says "Judge not lest ye be judged" and "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone", so there are strikes two and three, and You are out!  

So to all you Pick-n-Choose Christians out there calling for a "Christian Nation" all I can say is, be careful what you wish for.  Remember, I am still here, and I can still vote, and I am not alone. And the Good people of this nation are really getting tired of You making a mockery of Our country, and Your religion.  The United States of America is NOT now,  and never has been a "Christian Nation", nor should it ever be one.  The United States of American IS a melting pot nation, and if we would allow ALL of our citizens the freedoms and equalities that they were promised in the Constitution, and its Amendments, then we could truly be the "Greatest Nation in the World", because we are the world.  What gives us the potential for greatness is our diversity, quit trying to eliminate it!  Celebrate our differences, quit demonizing everyone who doesn't want to be like you, and for the sake of all that is holy in this world, get down off your high horses and try practicing what Your Book really preaches!


  1. You tell 'em, Mother! Go, Mother, GO!!!! This is beautifully well said!

  2. Standing Ovation!!! you are now my favorite Atheist. :-) I am a Christian that completely agrees with you on this point. Drives me crazy, these people freaking out about Sharia Law coming down the pike, but don't think anything about imposing their "Christian" beliefs on the country. You are spot on in what a Christian nation should be. If only these right winged whack jobs realized how wrong they are.